Rosewood: The Modern Vintage

By Meghan Kenney (additional reporting by Britnie Dates) Photography by Will Singleton Stepping inside the eclectic boutique that is Rosewood is like sifting through the clothes of your best friend’s closet. This sort of careful selection is exactly how owner Ashley Carruthers curates every garment that makes up her unique store. The influx of light […]

The Suite Life

  Everyone loves a little pampering. At times we need to get away from the hectic world and go to a beautiful place were we can relax and indulge. When no one else spoils us we know the best way to spoil ourselves, and the perfect place to help you do this is Quirk Hotel. […]


By Allison Oberlin Fashion blogging has become a popular career path for photographers, entrepreneurs and writers looking to find their voice within the fashion industry. Today, personal style is emphasized more than trendiness, which is another reason why blogging has come to the forefront. The most popular blog today is called Man Repeller, a quirky […]

Confronting The Stereotype: Up Close with Porcelyn Headen

Written by Kelly Reyes, contributing writer With the topic of social and racial injustice making headlines in the media within the last six months, Porcelyn Headen addresses the issue of stereotypes. Headen, a sophomore studying photography in the VCU School of the Arts, uses both personal experiences and social media in her work. In her […]

Taaluma Totes

By Sami Webster, guest columnist When looking at a map, multiple lines and colors collage to form one cohesive image. It is as if a map becomes a new patterned textile; a textile of vibrantly colored silk and cotton infused with rich culture. This idea is the inspiration for Alley Heffern and Jack DuFour, the […]