A Sanctuary for Animals– Coming to Richmond

By Sarah Thaw Photos by Celeste Fuentes Last year, 4.6 billion farm animals were slaughtered for human consumption. To facilitate this demand, animals are deprived of their right to a natural life and instead treated as commodities, going through a process of birth and death as fast and efficiently as possible. Like any other large-scale […]

Meatless Mondays

By Sarah Thaw Since the World Health Organization officially linked processed meat to cancer, interest in plant-based diets has grown. However, in a society bombarded by propaganda from the dairy and meat industries desperately trying to keep their businesses alive, those that choose to eliminate all animal products from their life are often stigmatized. Meatless Mondays is a […]

Appetite for the Grotesque: The Art of Dumpster Diving

By Kevin Lata, guest columnist Contrary to popular to belief, trash can be delicious. Trash can delight and fulfill. The act of foraging alone can induce states of moderate to high euphoria. My curiosity and fondness for all things cheap lead me to explore the nether areas of decrepit Richmond trashcans.   Wide-eyed in vigilant […]