To Be Young, Nerdy, and Black

I lived out my early years in the retro arcades of Trinidad, and the video rental stores where my older siblings and I got our anime DVDs; some were probably pirated, but we were just happy to have them. That began my exposure to all things nerdy, and in the eclectic island of multiple cultures, I formed a persona as a being who was unashamed of their interests, geeky as they may be. 

Find Your Peace and the Birds Will Come

The death of a loved one does not mean the death of a relationship. The nature of love is plastic and, like literal plastic, may never disappear completely. We can adopt new practices to fill the gaps left by a loss to allow the connection to live on.

Behind the Curtain

Hannah Nara, also known as @misshannahharlow to her followers, is a VCU Arts student with a passion for vintage. As a one-woman-show, she creates retro content on multiple platforms, transporting her followers back in time.

The Lesbian Apocalypse: Have Lesbians Been Cursed?

As the day of love passes us by, the hearts of those who mourn a two month escapade twinge with envy. A summer romance, a rose-colored love; my sapphic heart can’t help but be corny. For most Lesbians, there’s this thrill of loving and being loved that we can’t help but chase. We find someone that feels safe, someone whom we feel we’ve known our whole lives despite meeting them two weeks ago on Bumble.

Sweet Talk

Our team wanted to know what love looks and feels like, as it’s never the same for one person. So, we sought your voices and listened to your stories of romance, friendship, family, and the inner self. It has all come together in a ballad we call “Sweet Talk.”

Vulnerable Hearts, Vulnerable Bodies: Sexual Health and STI Stigma

In the era of sex positivity and hookup culture, stigma around casual sex has gone down, yet stigma around STIs has continued to permeate. While our culture has gotten more and more comfortable discussing sex, there still remains an air of discomfort surrounding open, honest discussions about sexual health and STIs, which I believe harms this generation. In this piece, I’d explore the stigma surrounding this topic, feeding it through the lens of my own experiences, and the wider issues that this stigma creates.

The Year of the Rabbit

Come late January, my mother furiously stuffs chocolate coins and dollar bills into red paper packets. My siblings and I receive letters stuffed with cash from various relatives, awkwardly bowing and repeating “恭喜發財,紅包拿來!”

This Year, Let’s Honor Love

Valentine’s Day. Is it a Hallmark holiday? Yes. Is it a strategic bump to the economy after the holidays to keep up the momentum of capitalism? Also yes.  But is it also an excuse to do things you may not normally feel you have a “reason” to do for a partner (or partners)?

Jennette McCurdy Isn’t Holding Back Anymore

Jennette McCurdy is a known actress for her roles in “iCarly” and “Sam and Cat.” Both were popular shows on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s, but the characters McCurdy plays do not show the true person she is off-set.

New Year, Growth Mindset

It’s a new year, it’s a new day! Goodbye 2022, and hello 2023! Many people celebrate the chance to completely change their lives in the next 365 days, while others feel that they are still stuck in the same state of mind.  Mental health has always been something many people struggle with. I also have […]

How to Stay Positive in a Time of Endless Despair

Nothing matters and we’re all going to die. The oceans are filling up with plastic, butterflies are going extinct, enoki mushrooms have caused a listeria outbreak, and global warming is actually starting to warm things. Countries are at war, beloved pets are dying, and the entire world is still reeling from COVID-19.