Joan d’Arc

Creative Director/Photographer/Stylist: Selah Pennington Assistant Stylist: Beaux Reeder Bijoux BTS Photographer: Kobi McCray Production/Lighting Assistant: Caleb Goss Model: Olivia Christie

Let’s Swap Meet

Mark your calendars and get your tickets for the next swap meet!  SwapMeet RVA is an all-inclusive market, whether you want to get out of the house on Sunday, or just to shop till you drop. This community space was created by the small business owners Cameron and Deja Hadnot to support other local vendors […]

Sweet Viscera

Love is patient, love is kind. From outside to in; love is visceral. A happy valentine’s day from INK to you. Creative Director: Beaux Reeder Bijoux Photographer: Julie Dinh Models: Jaylyn Johnson & Abdou Sanda Stylist: Paige Perkins Production & Lighting Assistant: Megan Piston BTS Documentation: Kendahl Bell

Styling Success: Ap0cene’s Tech-Infused Journey in the World of Fashion

Ap0cene stands as a dynamic virtual marketplace and community dedicated to championing designers who align with their ethos of sustainable luxury fashion. Founded and operated by trio Ariel Arakas, Elissa Rumford and Sam Walker, the platform serves as a beacon for the modern era of fashion. My enthusiasm for the fashion industry led me to […]


Why did we stop wearing helmets as we began to live alone?  I can still feel the push of my head into the white helmet, my dad securing it on, it pinching my skin a bit when he buckled it. We lived in a cul-de-sac, which was prime real estate for playing and making donuts […]

Sacred Garden

Lotus how you bloom  So sacred in your garden May you bloom with peace In the story of the White Snake, a deity transformed into a human and discovered the profound emotions of love. But, their romance was interrupted by the skepticism of a monk named Fahai, who insisted she was not human, but a […]

The Future is Modular

More than a necessity, fashion is a form of sustenance for me. Imagine your wardrobe. Observe the volume of garments, the palette of colors, and the ratio of tops to bottoms. If you had to guess, how many articles of clothing would you say you currently own? How many do you regularly wear? If you […]

Jesus Died On The Cross So You Could Wear A Jock!

Once a niche anti-chafing campaign, the jockstrap was not always the sanctimonious starlet we know today. 1874, a date second in significance to the birth of Jesus Christ, marks the year in which the jock hit locker rooms. Invented by C. F. Bennet, its sole purpose was to provide support for bicycle jockeys. While the […]

All Natural

Photography: by Chloe Johnson Styling by: Kayana Jacobs and Beaux Reeder Bijoux Makeup by: Paige Perkins and Kayana Jacobs Hair by: Antoine Scott Models: Deloris Allotey, Sparrow Jackson, Jada King, and Arabi Marwa Production & Lighting Assistant: Julie Dinh BTS: Kobi McCray


Girlhood, the prime era within a girl’s life where she leaves her colorful childhood behindand enters the in-between phase before the cold reality of adulthood. Girlhood is sleepovers withfriends and playing dress up: experimenting with how she will be perceived by the world.Girlhood is dancing on the bed to her favorite songs and spinning until […]

Fugly Is In!

A sartorial sin so heinous, it’s a crime against fashion humanity. The rebellious lovechild of “funky” and “ugly,” who stands tall, unapologetically defying the norms of good taste. Introducing: “Fugly.” It’s a riot of clashing prints, a symphony of jarring styles and a whimsical dance of silhouettes. “Fugliness” is not merely a lack of aesthetic […]

Untitled Nails

Dear Untitled Nails, Listening to you click together is one of my favorite sounds. Hearing that smooth rhythm that comes from my friends hands, as they express their tellings of the latest gossip. Your drumming in every interaction is a constant comfort. I love the consistency of your clacking, as the girl next to me […]