These inspiring young creatives are climbing to the top of the creative ladder. Witness the suspenseful, electric endeavor of throwing yourself towards your goals. 

Anna Van Gheem

Van Gheem’s work comments on the mundanities of everyday life from a tongue-in-cheek approach. Her roots in studying textiles informs both her color and surface design. 

Fashion in Focus: The Evolution of Your Beloved Mom Jeans

They say fashion is cyclical, if that’s so, what were the origins of mom jeans, and how did they come back in style after the 90210 ‘80s era? What makes the classic high waist, straight leg jean so popular for millennials? And why is there such a negative connotation surrounding them?

Trend Report: Plaid-Clashing

It’s time to break away from the restrictive ideas of minimalist fashion, and explore the new season’s style trends without boundaries. A trend that has been emerging from this maximal evolution is the clashing of a classic fall print: plaid. 

What Forever 21 Got Wrong About Generation Z

Written by Nico Gavino The Forever 21 bankruptcy set off a mass of tweets and memes, some ridiculing the brand saying they had it coming, while others grieved the loss of their beloved and affordable clothing destination. For those afraid they won’t have a place to get their last-minute party top, not to worry, Forever […]