Fashion Spotlight: Benjamin Coryell

This past April, I had the opportunity to speak with junior fashion design student Benjamin Coryell. Through pieced-together text conversations in the coming weeks before their long-awaited fashion show, we discussed Benjamin’s travels across the globe, their ethos surrounding creativity, as well as the meaning behind their new collection that he will be previewing at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

A Peek Through the Looking Glass of the Keziah Amariee Brand and the HERITAGE Collection Drop

The fashion industry as we know it today grows to become more and more aware of the pressures it faces. With this, the industry and some designers, can often be seen as incredibly cutthroat and harsh, making it hard for anyone in that realm to enter. However, not every designer has this said cutthroat approach, in fact, one designer in particular is known for her kind and warm touch. She has marketed and created an entire collection based around her family heritage, this designer being Keziah Amaree Jackson. A designer’s journey is always beautiful and captivating to unveil. Keziah A’maree’s is one of splendor and originality. 

Let the Show Begin

In her DIY costume and makeup, Miss Hannah Harlow met us in the local cemetery as an ode to the 1980s gothic scene. Enjoy and let the show begin…

How Do You Get Lucky?

What do you imagine when you think of thrifting? Is it rummaging through clothing bins, or scanning racks until a fabric speaks to you? Perhaps it’s discovering an item you’ve been searching for? Second-hand shopping gives us the opportunity to find pieces you would never see at a commercial retail store, deepening our sense of personal style. Feeling authentic in the clothing you’ve found for yourself ignites the feeling of luck, all while being environmentally sustainable.

Constant Practice: A Study of the Past

At the heart of the Museum District in Richmond, VA, lies Constant Practice, a fashion archival group with a heavy emphasis on retro-futuristic utilitarian garments and accessories. Situated on the third floor of a historic building turned art gallery and workplace, the small group

A Rare Gem: VCU’s Smallest Major

What is this mystery major that no one knows about? Well I can’t just forthright tell you, now can I? Next we are going to play a little guessing game. Many people compare my major to Fashion Design (spoiler alert, it is not Fashion Design). I work with clothes of all centuries and builds. I sew day in and day out until my fingers are numb. I work in millinery and draping and patterning. I own scissors that cost more than my laptop. I work with actors and actresses, potentially both on screen or on stage. Any guesses?

Through the Chiffon Trenches: What Andre Taught Me

Throughout the past few years, I’ve grown to love and admire the one and only, Andre Leon Talley. From listening to podcasts, videos and documentaries, which he produced and starred in called Gospel According to Andre, to reading his book, The Chiffon Trenches. I commend him so much because although he faced discrimination, first living in Durham, North Carolina and later in the fashion industry; he knew the bigger picture and wanted to chase his dreams. What he went through didn’t stop him. In addition, he always went to God for faith and guidance, which I use in my daily life. 

The Black Essence Photoshoot

Inspired by vintage black photography, The Black Essence embodies fierceness, warmth, blackness, creating a soulful and eclectic vibe. The Black Essence photoshoot highlighted two black owned businesses, The Liznel and Rumors, incorporating fall elements like contrast, monochromatic colors, and layering. Creative Direction: Kayla Lundy Photography: Chloe Johnson Styling: Colin Nguyen, Nia Gravely Production Assistants: Lillian […]

Sneakers: How an Everyday Item Turned Into a Cultural Icon

We all have our own routines, living in our own sliver of the universe. For some, picking out an outfit takes little to no time. For others, curating a look perfectly can consume their entire morning. Many (like myself) tend to wear the same shoes every day, using beat up white sneakers as a socially acceptable safety blanket. Others would never dare to wear some of their prized possessions outside. 

Saturn Return: The Goth Cowboy Store of Richmond

Dubbed “The Goth Cowboy Store” of Richmond, Saturn Return is more than your typical thrift consignment store, but rather a specially curated, personal reflection of its beloved owner Erika.  Followed by my roommate, friend, and photographer, Oliver, I was able to score an interview with Erika and investigate the story behind what is known as Saturn Return.

RVAFW Finale Show

This past week was the 14th annual fall RVA Fashion week here in Richmond. 10 designers displayed their brand new fall collections at the show– designers’ and models’ names below each photo.

Herstory: Fashion

In fashion, women have been dominating the industry with their stories, hard work, accomplishments and trailblazing. Today, I want to recognize women who strive to be the best in their work and want to change the game of fashion with their presence. What makes these three women important to me is their ability to create spaces for others and how they are able to preserve in the world of fashion. In my opinion, these three are paving the way for the next generation of women to be in fashion.