Fashion Crush Friday: Donwan Harrell

By Allison Oberlin, Guest Columnist One day a mother recognized prodigal talent in her young son. Through encouragement from his family, peers and school faculty, the young man grew his confidence and technical abilities. He would eventually become one of the greatest denim designers in the world, highly respected by his colleagues and others within […]

Fashion Crush Friday: Ralph Lauren

Allison Oberlin, Guest Columnist On Tuesday September 29, 2015, Ralph Lauren stepped down from his position as Chief Executive Officer of Ralph Lauren Inc. However, he still remains with the company as Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Director of the brand. “This is important to say: There is no toe in the water…I won’t be […]

This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven

Caitlin Stallings Guest Columnist I never thought I’d see the day where the iconic Pixies make their journey to the Richmond area. My mom has always had exceptional taste in music and introduced me to many of the music artists I currently listen to. In my 10th grade year of high school, I discovered a […]

Double Dose of Diamond Youth

Brandon Geib Guest Columnist Diamond Youth . On Tuesday there was the release of their new EP entitled Shake and the kick-off of their new tour in Richmond started Wednesday alongside Turnstile, Turnover, Angel Du$t and Blind Justice at Strange Matter. Diamond Youth’s set came in as a nice sound break on a tour chock […]

The importance of handwritten letters

Esther Eom Guest Columnist When was the last time you picked up a pen to write a letter to someone? When was the last time you received a letter from someone in your mailbox? “Snail mail,” a common term for handwritten letters has been and still is an effective way of communication today for many […]