A Sanctuary for Animals– Coming to Richmond

By Sarah Thaw Photos by Celeste Fuentes Last year, 4.6 billion farm animals were slaughtered for human consumption. To facilitate this demand, animals are deprived of their right to a natural life and instead treated as commodities, going through a process of birth and death as fast and efficiently as possible. Like any other large-scale […]

“Oasis” – An Ode to Richmond’s Diverse Culture

By Nicolas De Souza Footage by of spacemanmedia Saturday, November 5th, Ink Magazine hosted Oasis; a festival featuring music, art, live projections, and magic. The live projectionist stylings of Mitchel Craft submerged artists on stage into a sea of wonderment. Magic acts from emcee Charlie Ross suspended the awe-struck crowd in disbelief. That Saturday at The […]

Soul.eil Hosts a Horrific Halloween Showcase

By Joshua Reina & Alvin Sakyi Photos by Joshua Reina Ink Magazine recently teamed up with Navy Hill Co. to showcase its “Horrific Halloween” design contest winner. We got the chance to talk to some of the artists involved and got the pleasure of asking them a few questions. DJ Markus Gold made excellent music […]

Ink Pop-up Show

By Nicolas DeSouza Photos by Nicolas DeSouza        “Reality is thin.” – Charlie Ross Over ten local artists packed the Depot with their artwork in a spontaneous effort to expose VCU students to their creative visions. Among the many facets of this gallery that set itself apart from previous art shows, the magical stylings of Charlie […]