Frost and Beef Stew

What does winter sound like? Is it best soundtracked by warm, cozy sonics that fit themselves snuggly into our ears like a child curled near a crackling fireplace? Or do angular, glacial sounds better match the cold and isolation the season often brings?  Ink’s music writers have been reflecting on this dichotomy as VCU’s campus […]

Hearing Amber Heard: The Failings of Pop Culture’s Perfect Victim

On Monday, April 11, 2022, dozens of fans gathered outside of the Fairfax County Circuit Court to stand in support of actor Johnny Depp. They carried protest signs and waved pirate flags to commemorate his iconic role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. One fan, Jacina, traveled all the way from Australia. When asked by reporter Victoria Bekiempis about her support for Depp, she said, “Because I believe he’s innocent, and I don’t think that men’s reputation should be able to be ruined on the say-so of one person when it’s not true. He’s suffered very bad consequences that he didn’t deserve, because I think he’s a pure soul and he deserves redemption.” This is, of course, in reference to his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and the accusations of domestic violence she’s levied against him, the validity of those claims making up the reasoning for this very trial.


I was 16 years old when I experienced temporary blindness for the first time.

An elliptical ball, traveling roughly 60 miles per hour from the sheer power of the opposing right-side hitter’s biceps, had crossed the net to the 10-foot line, where I stood in the receiving position. Rather than contacting the plush pale forearms of my two outstretched arms, the volleyball touched the rim of a blocker’s right index finger and swerved 30 degrees upwards towards my head.

Euphoria: Trans Fetishiziation and the Cisgender Gaze

I’ve always had a special connection to Euphoria. Trans representation was hard to come by, and while great shows like Pose existed at the time, there wasn’t any show besides Euphoria that spoke to my experience as a trans youth. Jules spoke to my experience in a way no other character I’d seen before had.

Alley Cat Allies

There are roughly 128.45 million households in the U.S., and it is estimated that one of every three households have at least one cat. That makes there out to be around 42.3 million house cats.

Is ‘YOU’ Season 3 Worth Binging?

The much-anticipated third season of the Netflix original, ‘You,’ dropped on October 15th. For those who haven’t watched yet, either because you haven’t gotten around to it or debating if it’s worth it, here’s a spoiler-less recap of how the season went.

Weekly Roundup

What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.

Weekly Roundup

What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.

Who Will Survive in America?

The year I turned thirteen, I became radicalized.  I was not radicalized in a literal sense, as I was too young and too naive to understand the power I wielded. However, the year I turned thirteen, my innocence was ripped from my grasp and I was left to nurse the fleshy open wounds of fury and fear.

Sækyi Drops “Girls”

In a time-lapse to the past, Richmond’s SÆKYI releases new single “GIRLS” out May 11th. 

Weekly Roundup

What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.