I forgive you, red-rimmed Erin.

When I remember your name, I still feel the foot-shaped bruise on my 9-year old stomach. I remember the muffled tears, the bus hopping, and the huddling in the left 12th row seat. Instead, I’d rather recall our time as sisters, cheek-to-cheek during the 40-minute rides on bus 52.

Twyla’s Memory

“Twyla’s Memory” is a seven-photo photo series exploring narrative elements in Toni Morrison’s short story, “Recitatif.”

A Dangerous Balance of Anonymity and Familiarity

At nineteen, I walk, stumble, and seek to synchronize my momentum. The Richmond breeze will cool the sweat from my neck and inspire my two still-stubby feet to drum up the old 7-year old rhythm to the cadence of a life adventure.


These inspiring young creatives are climbing to the top of the creative ladder. Witness the suspenseful, electric endeavor of throwing yourself towards your goals. 

Dragonflies and Restoration

At 28 years-old, Liz Bellamy looks toward a social work and services job while recovering from her previous substance abuse. She is part of the REAL Life female recovery home and an empowerment program, called Expectant Mothers Program. Bellamy continues to fight against her addiction and hopes to build a strong bond between her son and her immediate family.

Forgiveness and Restoration

Restorative healing for REAL Life resident, Angela Lynch, began with a phone call. That call, however, didn’t come easily.