Sampling: In the best cases, it reworks a musical element in a creative way. In the worst cases, it’s a cheap gimmick meant to garner more streams. A great sample can effortlessly blend with the original content of a track, making for a novel creative work that pushes the boundaries of sonic expectation. A mediocre […]

Our Weekly Roundup: One for the Ladies! (and Walker)

Hassam: I finished rewatching “The Nanny” around a week ago and I literally haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Moschino piano dress she wore as a skirt in the last season like it’s actually so perfect. Walker:  Since this semester has decided to overwhelm me with schoolwork, I’ve had to lock in at […]

Our Weekly Roundup: Ethel Cain Distracts Us From the AI Apocalypse

Naomi:  Pluto is entering Aquarius and the next 20 years will be ruled by global themes of technology; the world feels like it’s on the brink of collapse and the AI takeover is impending. This has spurred on my obsession with big skinny robots. In the film “Castle in the Sky,” robots tenderly care for […]

Our Weekly Roundup: Philosophical Thoughts and Catwalks

Taylor:  Women who, by their thoughts and insights alone, should be considered philosophers, but who, for various reasons (most succinctly misogyny), are written off as crystal-licking lunatics, or mommy bloggers or otherwise vapid bestseller genre self-helpers. Namely, prolific writer and ex-presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson, Liz Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame, and Glennon Doyle, author […]

Our Weekly Roundup: Burning Holes in Our Brains at Junkyard Raves

Lareina:  I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started listening to techno music. My friends and I have been haunting local raves and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost half of my hearing. Pound it through my ears, pound it through my soul, OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ!! My parents are very proud.  Mason:  Today, I want to […]

Our Weekly Roundup: ‘Devil May Cry,’ ‘Fooly Cooly’ and Warm Winter Nostalgia

Walker: As of late, I have been playing a lot of the games in the “Devil May Cry” series. Following a half demon, half human devil hunter named Dante, the game mostly consists of raunchy humor, wacky gameplay and fighting otherworldly monsters. It’s very early 2000s, PS2-type edgy charm. Illustration courtesy of Capcom Natalie: The […]

Frost and Beef Stew

What does winter sound like? Is it best soundtracked by warm, cozy sonics that fit themselves snuggly into our ears like a child curled near a crackling fireplace? Or do angular, glacial sounds better match the cold and isolation the season often brings?  Ink’s music writers have been reflecting on this dichotomy as VCU’s campus […]

Our Weekly Roundup: Greek Mythology is the MCU for Women

Naomi:  I’ve been in Greek Mythology hell, because it’s basically the MCU for women. Stan Clytemnestra, stan Medea. Recently I’ve been enraptured by The Song of Achilles, because as a trans girl, I’ve always felt a kinship with Greek femboys. I’d like to imagine that if I lived in Ancient Greece I would be a […]

Our Weekly Roundup: Virginia Folk and Nathan Fielder

Our staff’s obsessions from this past week! Julianne:  I’m a Nathan Fielder diehard. The minute his new show “The Curse” started airing on Paramount+, I shelled out $11.99 of my hard earned cash to the subscription service, and have been doing so dutifully every month since. I am enamored with, disgusted by and obsessed with […]

Our Weekly Roundup: ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Fortnite’ and Existential Dread

Taylor:  Fighting to the death, I guess? Making my way through the Hunger Games trilogy for the first time right now and also watching the Squid Game reality spinoff just has me thinking about the ways humans consistently choose violence as a means of remedying existing or preventing future social and political turmoil and the […]

Weekly Roundup: Sudoku, Japanese Sound Rock and Scott Pilgrim

What our staff has been looking at, thinking about, listening to, etc… Andrew: I know what you’re thinking; “Scott Pilgrim is for losers.” But trust me, the new Netflix anime is a hilarious animation masterwork that remixes everything that made the original comic a bit… dicey. Amid the holiday season, “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” is […]

What Your Favorite Band Says About You

To say that optimism has infected music journalism is an understatement. The sickly, sticky-residue-on-a-countertop-sweetness that’s permeated the way we write about this artform has ruined too many great publications. Pitchfork used to be downright combative with artists, and now they praise the newest assembly line release as being “something fans will love.” Well sometimes, fans […]