The Black Essence Photoshoot

Creative Direction: Kayla Lundy (@kaaylaa1.9) Photography: Chloe Johnson (@chlobear225) Styling: Colin Nguyen (@colinv.nguyen) & Nia Gravely (@niadion_) Production Assistants: Lillian Sisti (@lilliansisti) and Kayana Jacobs (@clubkidk) Models:  Kendra Hamilton (@Bluebumblebee.v) Pharaoh Sistare (@pharaohsistare) Inspired by vintage black photography, The Black Essence embodies fierceness, warmth, blackness, creating a soulful and eclectic vibe. The Black Essence photoshoot […]

Back end limit

Written by: Madeline Schimka  Graphic Design: Sydney Folsom a leaf’s lifetime i was never a fan of autumn much. my stomach churns as the first leaf makes its escape from gravity. sometimes i wish to fall like that. what i mean to say is: a leafs lifetime is a summer, and i envy that. sometimes, […]

Sneakers: How an Everyday Item Turned Into a Cultural Icon

We all have our own routines, living in our own sliver of the universe. For some, picking out an outfit takes little to no time. For others, curating a look perfectly can consume their entire morning. Many (like myself) tend to wear the same shoes every day, using beat up white sneakers as a socially acceptable safety blanket. Others would never dare to wear some of their prized possessions outside. 

A Night of Luxury with Marilyn Pham and Local Talents

Writing by: Khoi Le  Photography by: Kaitlyn Burdette Photography and Khoi Le // Marilyn Pham, a local Richmond musician, released her album, “Luxury,” on Sept. 23. The eight-track project contains a plethora of self-reflective ballads that are sure to get stuck in your brain. Following the album’s release, Pham hosted a night of lively […]

Saturn Return: The Goth Cowboy Store of Richmond

Dubbed “The Goth Cowboy Store” of Richmond, Saturn Return is more than your typical thrift consignment store, but rather a specially curated, personal reflection of its beloved owner Erika.  Followed by my roommate, friend, and photographer, Oliver, I was able to score an interview with Erika and investigate the story behind what is known as Saturn Return.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Stethoscope

STEM fields have long been traditionally white male dominated, and for those minorities in the game the access to resources and opportunities to get a leg up are hard to find. Yet the VCU club Sisters and Stethoscopes is fighting to make sure its members have as much help as they need and a strong community to support them as they work towards their dreams. A club created by and for black women in the pre-health field read the full interview to hear just how these amazing women have built their own place to belong in a field that has traditionally tried to keep them out.

DAHMER: Is True Crime Ethical?

Netflix’s recent DAHMER series has been on everyone’s minds and everyone’s lips. The polarizing biographical drama about the infamous serial killer has brought with it controversy, not least of which has been the families of the victim’s speaking out against the show. At what point are we going too far? Where is the line?

The Richmond Vampire

The Richmond Vampire, or the Hollywood Vampire, is an urban legend claiming there is a vampire roaming the grounds of the Hollywood cemetery. The legend began to circulate in the 1960s, eventually gaining popularity on the VCU campus in the 1980s.

Fine Line

A form of art, photography, and poetry combined.

Spellling at the Songbyrd in D.C. 10/13/22

Spellling fans gathered around the stage of the Songbyrd for the very first show of Spellling’s October tour. Washington D.C’s very own, AUTOLOLA, opened with his auto-tuned vocals and experimental production, hyping up the crowd in preparation for Spellling.

VCU Production is an Earnest Bit of Fun

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by playwright Oscar Wilde is… silly. The play is based around ideas about acting a certain way and playing a part in society. The story follows two main male characters who both pretend their names are “Earnest” to win over a fellow lady. The two main female characters in the play are absolutely wooed by their man named “Earnest” who wins their hearts by being someone they are not. 

RVAFW Finale Show

This past week was the 14th annual fall RVA Fashion week here in Richmond. 10 designers displayed their brand new fall collections at the show– designers’ and models’ names below each photo.