Euphoria: Trans Fetishiziation and the Cisgender Gaze

I’ve always had a special connection to Euphoria. Trans representation was hard to come by, and while great shows like Pose existed at the time, there wasn’t any show besides Euphoria that spoke to my experience as a trans youth. Jules spoke to my experience in a way no other character I’d seen before had.

Is ‘YOU’ Season 3 Worth Binging?

The much-anticipated third season of the Netflix original, ‘You,’ dropped on October 15th. For those who haven’t watched yet, either because you haven’t gotten around to it or debating if it’s worth it, here’s a spoiler-less recap of how the season went.

Who Wants to be a Billionaire

Every person has an ideal amount of money that they aim to make to feel comfortable and live the life they desire. People who throw the word ‘billionaire’ around aren’t using it lightly. Crossing that threshold takes an extreme level of intentionality.

SS20 Trend Report: The Power Puff

Across runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, there was one trend quite literally sticking out in womenswear: Puffy sleeves. Back in full force for Spring/Summer 2020, this sleeve could be the reason the “cold-shoulder” trend slowly makes its way out after a rise to mass acceptance over the past 5 years. Say goodbye to your cold-shoulder and make room for a bold shoulder!

The Real Story Behind Your Favorite Social Justice Tee

From a casual Tweet, to a young Etsy business, to Frank Ocean’s wardrobe, and finally to a nation-wide trend. Words by Nico Gavino Walking through the VCU campus, I’ve observed people sporting the famous “Why be sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic when you could be quiet?” t-shirt. The shirt was brought to my attention once […]

Bad Juju

Photography Lo Garcia @lo_garciaphoto | Stylist Patricia Franco @mystylevault | Model Caroline Oladipo  @carola521 | Makeup Xena @skindeepby_xena | Hair Eli @she_cut_me | Assist: Jorel @wbeofficial

HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ Inspires Ink Mag’s Revival of the 70s

By Sarah Thaw Photos by Nicholas Von Thrower It’s no secret that the strides made by those in the past continue to influence our culture today. The 1970s was a monumental time, especially within the entertainment industry. The world was changing and it was changing all at once, with the music scene playing a huge […]

Fashion Crush Friday: Donwan Harrell

By Allison Oberlin, Guest Columnist One day a mother recognized prodigal talent in her young son. Through encouragement from his family, peers and school faculty, the young man grew his confidence and technical abilities. He would eventually become one of the greatest denim designers in the world, highly respected by his colleagues and others within […]

The Suite Life

  Everyone loves a little pampering. At times we need to get away from the hectic world and go to a beautiful place were we can relax and indulge. When no one else spoils us we know the best way to spoil ourselves, and the perfect place to help you do this is Quirk Hotel. […]

Let’s Get Physical

Trends come and go; the ones that stick around become a lifestyle. It’s time to give your workout clothes life beyond the gym because athletic wear as lounge-wear is here to stay. Photographer: Reuban Chapman \\ Model: Sami Webster \\ Makeup D’Andra Blake \\ Hair : Aaron Ni’jai \\Creative Direction: Britnie Dates + Aaron Ni’jai \\ Styling: Britnie Dates, […]

Fashion Crush Friday: Ralph Lauren

Allison Oberlin, Guest Columnist On Tuesday September 29, 2015, Ralph Lauren stepped down from his position as Chief Executive Officer of Ralph Lauren Inc. However, he still remains with the company as Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Director of the brand. “This is important to say: There is no toe in the water…I won’t be […]


By Allison Oberlin Fashion blogging has become a popular career path for photographers, entrepreneurs and writers looking to find their voice within the fashion industry. Today, personal style is emphasized more than trendiness, which is another reason why blogging has come to the forefront. The most popular blog today is called Man Repeller, a quirky […]