Artist Spotlight: On-Set Videographer

For most of us, a good movie or tv show is just simple enjoyment. It’s a night out with friends to catch the newest Marvel installment, or a week’s worth of waiting to pounce on the next episode of Euphoria. The general plan behind those endeavors seems so simple, too; multimillion-dollar projects with months upon months of filming time and uber-famous actors and actresses.

Artist Spotlight: Time Warp Drag

It was the first live show I’d been to all year. Everyone was spaced out for safety, wearing masks, sitting outside the dining hall and yet I barely noticed all that. For the first time in months the restrictions of the pandemic weren’t weighing down on my experience. All I could think about was clapping louder, and how fabulous the queens performing before me were. Did I mention it was a drag show?

Live from the Living Room: with DJ BoyGirl

DJs and Artists takeover Instagram Live to pass the aux, host listening parties, studio sessions, sets, and hangouts–all without leaving the house. COVID-19 self-isolation forces musicians to pin-up their side hustle by canceling gigs, but their sound is not muted that easy.

Anna Van Gheem

Van Gheem’s work comments on the mundanities of everyday life from a tongue-in-cheek approach. Her roots in studying textiles informs both her color and surface design.